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The High Utilizer Case Management Program will utilize $2,000,000 from the County of Marin and local cities and towns, primarily from American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds, to create 68 new units of housing-focused case management. Based on ARP spending requirements, the proposed funding will cover four years of operations. 

This program will leverage available emergency funding allocated to the jurisdictions to allow people using the greatest quantity of municipal services to have access to federal housing vouchers by providing them the case management required to attain stable housing and to qualify for housing voucher referrals. The program will increase our permanent supportive housing stock by pairing these case managed clients with housing resources. Marin’s Coordinated Entry system assigns homeless housing resources (including vouchers) based on vulnerability. Most tenant-based vouchers are assigned to the next eligible individual or family that has case management. By providing case management, this program will effectively prioritize high service utilizers for housing resources.