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Permanent Supportive Housing

What is Permanent Supportive Housing?

For some people with disabilities who have been homeless for a long time, Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) provides the support people need to remain housed. PSH programs offer a permanent place to live and provide any services people need including:

  • Healthcare
  • Job training
  • Parenting classes
  • Life skills training (like how to make a grocery list, plunge a toilet, or open a bank account)
  • Many other services tailored to the needs of a client

PSH is the most supportive kind of housing our community has for people who have experienced homelessness. For people who don’t need as much assistance, Marin has other kinds of housing programs.

Examples of PSH Programs

There are variety of active PSH programs in Marin County; these are a few examples of programs currently serving Marin residents:

How it Works

PSH can take a variety of forms. Some PSH programs are in a single building, with services on site (like our Project Homekey sites). Other PSH programs serve people in apartments scattered around the county. People who need PSH are matched with the kind of program that best meets their needs.

People living in PSH meet with a case manager as often as they need to. The case manager helps them decide what their goals are (like going back to work, reconnecting with family or learning a new skill) and then helps them get whatever services they need.

Once someone moves into PSH, they don’t ever have to graduate. But many people find that after a while they want more independence, and our programs support people to move on when they’re ready.


There are more people in Marin County who need PSH than we can serve right now. But since 2017, our community has created hundreds of new PSH opportunities and permanently housed hundreds of people. HCC and our partners are committed to creating new PSH opportunities until everyone who needs that kind of help is housed.

Currently there are 819 PSH beds in the county. For more detailed information visit our PSH dashboard.